A labour of Love

Get back to nature and enjoy tranquility like no other.

The Cobhouse sleeps 2-4, with a loft that holds a king size bed as well as a fold out couch downstairs which can sleep an additional 2.

Woodfired hot tub onsite. DIY. Firewood available for $30.

There is an outdoor toilet outside the Cobhouse, as well as a brand new beautifully built toilet and shower block a short stroll away.
There’s also a shared rustic indoor kitchen and hang out area over by the toilet & shower block.

Get back to nature and enjoy tranquility like no other.

The Story of the Aroha Cobhouse

The Aroha Cobhouse has truly been a labour of love, with so many people from all different backgrounds and parts of the world coming together to create this beautiful space.

The foundations were set in December with a specialised small team, working together, using sacred geometry such as the flower of life to map out the plans from our architect.

Early January we had 30 epic humans roll in hot to help us out with our Natural Building Workshop. We ran the workshop, educating everyone on Natural Building & Sustainable building practices, provided yoga classes & three meals a day of healthy, plant-based food. There were 2 intakes of two week groups, however many from the first two weeks opted to stay on and continue building with us for the full 4 weeks.

It was absolutely incredible the people that we got to connect with, while we worked together to create the Aroha Cobhouse. We had people come out especially for the workshop from Estonia, San Francisco, Melbourne & all over New Zealand.

The majority of the bones of the building was completed over the 30 days, however we had a few more months with a smaller team completing the finishing touches, plastering inside, running a weekend lime plastering workshop for the outside out and the beautiful joinery.

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